Under the hood

The underlying TeleConnect engine is made up of several internal modules that allow multiple clinical workflows to be supported. Our architecture is based on a modern technology stack and provides support for dynamic workflows that allow clinics to efficiently deliver their own online telehealth delivery model. At the heart of our system, is a dynamic engine that integrates with a vareity of technologies.

 Our plug and play methodology

We understand that each delivery model is unique and may require a certain set of modules and configurations to provide a desired service. This is why we offer a set of building blocks that are independant in nature.

  Video Engines

Our solution takes a strong plug and play approach when it comes to the underlying video engine used to power telehealth appointments. No client is restricted to any particular video engine as TeleConnect supports multiple video providers. Currently we offer several different video solutions and are always integrating with more. Our team are also able to encorporate any engine on request. This means any desired video technology that compliments your price, connection quality and scalability needs can be incorportated.

  External Systems

A more agnostic technology approach is also applied when integrating with external software systems. Currently TeleConnect is tightly integrated with a number of Practise Management Systems (PMSs). Custom integrations with external systems have allowed us to provide a more seamless solution with existing clients as they did not need to change their current infrastructure. Aside from push integrations, pull integrations are also possible through TeleConnect’s own API.

  Hosting Environments

TeleConnect can be hosted inside your own internal datacentre, within the default cloud hosting system (based in Australia) or any third party service such as Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. This allows you to have as little or as much control over the physical location of your data and the application itself.

  Communication Modules

TeleConnect offers a number of communication modules that allows all involved in the health delivery service to connect. The messaging and file sharing modules support both synchronous and asynchronous communication and can be included or excluded depending on the service model requirements.

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